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WhIch areas do you hire bouncy castles and soft play to?

We hire out bouncy castles across Birmingham, including Aston, Bartley Green, Bordsley Green, Erdington, Handsworth, Handsworth Wood, Harborne, Hockley, Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Ladywood, Lozells, Newtown, Quinton, Small Heath, Sparkbrook, Winson Green and Yardley Wood. We also deliver to Smethwick (including Bearwood), Oldbury, Solihull and West Bromwich (as well as other areas of the Black Country).These areas are definitely on our bouncy castle and soft play delivery list. However, the list is by no means set in stone, so please do get in as we might well be able to hire a castle or other equipment to you. Depending on your location, a small delivery charge may apply.

Are your bouncy castles and soft play equipment insured?

Yes, we have a £5m public liability insurance cover on our bouncy castle units and soft play. In addition, our bouncy castles come with valid safety certificates.

How do I book my bouncy castle?

Please see our contact us page. Once your bouncy castle booking has been confirmed, we will deliver the bouncy castle and/or soft play to you, at the requested venue, date and time.

Do your require ID?

Yes, we do require you to produce 2 valid forms of ID on the day of your bouncy castle/soft play hire. We ask that one must be photographic.

How do I pay for my bouncy castle?

When you hire a bouncy castle unit or soft play equipment from us, you pay cash at the delivery point. No deposit is required neither is there a cancellation charge but please do let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel some, or all, of for party equipment.

What if it rains, or there is strong winds on the day of delivery?

In the event of extreme weather predictions, including heavy rain and high winds, we might, unfortunately, deem it necessary to cancel the booking for the bouncy castle in the interest of health and safety. This is something we loathe to do but we would rather put you and your friends and family's safety first over our own financial gain. You will not obviously be charged for a bouncy castle you have not had. If, after delivery of an outdoor bouncy castle, it rains heavily, please do leave the blower on but do not use it as you will not be covered by our insurance. If and when the rain clears up, simply towel dry the bouncy castle and your young guests can climb back on the bouncy castle once more. Please do not use the bouncy castle if wet as it will then become a slip hazard.

How long will you need to set up/take down the bouncy castle?

For the bouncy castle, we require 30 minutes at the drop off point, as well as 30 minutes for collection. Soft play requires much the same amount of time. However, conditions such as good access to the garden and electricity, will have an impact on these times. Please note that our bouncy castles are always set up and collected by someone from the JellyBounce team. We ask that should anyone other than the person(s) who initially delivered the bouncy castle arrive to collect it, that you call us immediately to verify the authenticity of the collector.

How long will I have the bouncy castle unit and equipment?

  • We aim to give you at least 5 hours hire of the equipment where required or when possible. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible if extreme weather or traffic or issues outside of our control should prevent this from happening, either before or after drop off. We cannot reduce the hire fee in these circumstances.
  • Please note that in very rare and exceptional circumstances (for example prediction of ungoing torrential rain or very high winds) we might have to collect the bouncy castle earlier than expected. We cannot reduce the hire fee in these circumstances.
  • We begin drop off at 9am and commence pick up at 6pm. If you require a later pick up, this can be arranged depending on availability of our staff but this will incur an additional late pick up fee of at least £25. Conversely, if you should require less than a 5 hour hire, we can accommodate you also. However, please bear in mind that the hire charge will be the same - simply because the same amount of time and petrol would be spent setting up and taking down your bouncy castle.
  • We do not offer overnight collection unless we have seen the venue and are satisfied that it is secure and safe.

What can I do to prepare for delivery of the bouncy castle?

Thank you for thinking ahead. It's surprising just how many customers do not have a realistic insight of the space required for the smooth delivery of a bouncy castle.

  • Firstly, we ask that all bins, garden equipment and toys be moved out of the way on the day of your bouncy castle hire.
  • In addition, we ask that all overhanging branches and hedges be pruned.
  • On grass, the ground should be flat and clear of any sharp objects (including stones) and animal mess. Any permanent fixtures like clothes line posts and water features, for example, should not impede on our ability to set up the bouncy castle.
  • We have only got a small window to get our deliveries out and to get from one customer to another so, yes please, do ensure that your garden or indoor venue is ready to take delivery. This will also enable you to get on and enjoy your gathering as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
  • If we have to spend more than 5 minutes clearing garden equipment and rubbish or pruning back bushes etc (not including our normal 30 minute set up routine) then unfortunately, you might incur a small charge. So please do look around your garden with a fresh pair of eyes before we arrive, and ensure we are able to inflate your bouncy castle safely without any obstructions.
  • In addition, please do tell us about any access problems we might encounter, for example, any steps or narrow passages and whether access is only through the house to your garden. We would much prefer not to go through your house with the bouncy castle and if we do, we cannot be held responsible for any breakages or damages which might occur. However, it goes without saying that we will be very respectful of your home, taking the utmost care at all times.
  • Likewise, we would ask you to consider accessibility to powerpoints for electricity as ideally we would like this to be within 25m of the blower. We provide our own cables for inflation of the bouncy castle so please do let us know in advance if your garden or venue will require a long lead.
  • If, in our opinion, access to electricity and to the venue is deemed inadequate, then we reserve the right to cancel the bouncy castle booking, even at the point of our attempted delivery.
  • However, good communication between us at the point of booking your bouncy castle, should eliminate any concerns - resulting in all parties having a wonderful hire experience.

Can you erect your bouncy castle on concrete?

No, we only erect our bouncy castles on grass or indoors simply because of the legal weight requirement for outdoor erection on concrete etc. This legal weight for outdoor inflation on hard ground (at least 165kg on each of the 6 anchorage points) would weigh our van down in sand alone! However, if you have mature trees or sturdy posts which we can use to anchor the bouncy castle down, then we would be happy to look into this for you, as long as we feel that it is a safe and viable alternative. Give us a call or send us a picture if you are unsure.

How much room does a bouncy castle take up?

  • When measuring up for your bouncy castle hire, we require you add an extra 5 ft to each of the measurements (length and width) to allow for anchorage and for the blower and the tube.
  • As well as ensuring sufficient floor space, please think about overhanging trees or height of ceilings.
  • Please do bear in mind that there should be adequate room for the children to dismount the bouncy castle safely so please be aware of any steps close to the erection site when you measure up.
  • When using us for indoor hire, please also note the height of the required bouncy castle. Take time to confirm with the venue that their ceiling height will suffice, leaving enough clearance so that the bouncy castle is not rubbing against the ceiling.

Is the castle expensive to run?

Depending on your provider, the bouncy castle hire might cost a maximum of £2 a day to run.

Can I move the blower and/or castle after JellyBounce has set it up?

No, please leave the bouncy castle exactly as we leave it, set in the same place.

Do you hire bouncy castles all year round?

Yes, we do but this will obviously depend on the weather conditions for outdoor bouncy castle hire and the height and accessibility of any indoor venue.

Which bouncy castle hire bodies are you a member of?

We are fully paid up member of British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA), TIPE and Bouncy Castle Newwork, abiding by their recommendations on best practise.

If you have any questions, which we have not addressed above, please do contact us