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Putting the Brooom..Broom...Brooom into Brum...Brum...Brum!!

THESE CARS ARE PRETTY AWESOME AND HERE'S WHY.. They need no pedals They need no motor They need no chains They need no batteries All they need is for your child and their guests to simply sit and glide almost effortlessly. The Didi and Plasma cars come in a range of bright, eyecatching colours and they are perfect for adding a little competitive edge to the occassion. Children love to race against each other. These then, might be ideal for school fetes (indoors) and charity events. These amazingly popular cars go incredibly well with Soft Play/Ball Pool, Bouncy Castles, Giant Feber 4 in a row and of course Bubble Machine too!

Price: £20

Suitable for: Children Only

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass (event)

Age RangeSuitable

4 Plasma or Didi cars @ £20 as an add on to our Bouncy Castles and/or our Soft Play

Wave the chequered flat; we have another Lewis Hamilton on the track!

Whether you choose to hire red, green, purple, pink and yellow Didi or Plasma car, it really doesn't matter. What matters is the fun the children will have with these cars. These are definitely a favourite crowd pleaser!

The 4 Plasma/Didi cars are in addition to the car(s) which come as standard with PACKAGE TWO - JUNGLE THEME SOFT PLAY or PACKAGE THREE - JUNGLE THEME SOFT PLAY

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